Client Utility

viaVPN Client Utility

is the software tool allowing users to login in the viaVPN-Cloud and establish a VPN connection to their devices behind viaVPN-routers. After being connected users can use their own software to service all their devices and machineries


Security First

An OpenVPN connection to the Cloud-server is set up used for login password and TLS key credentials in congruity with 2048-bit RSA industry standard. Certificates for authentication are bounded to one single installation, which drastically increases security. Trespassing system or manual proxy is also facilitated.


Machines under your Control


All your machines and devices are listed and connections to every one of those on-line can be done with a single click. If necessary or wished the device configuration can be seen or changed remotely. With the established VPN connection the support and service task can be done as if the engineer would be in front of the machine at customer site.

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