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viaVPN Pro | viaVPN Lite | viaVPN Mini: Features and pricing

viaVPN – Out of the Box Experience

On purchase of one or more viaVPN Router(s):
ONE free data volume of 1 GB/ea month – included!

1 GB/month offer – is currently – not time limited!!
Note: Based on current statistics – data usage is approx. 0.2-0.7 GB per month / 2-3 devices – dependent on usage habits and total number of devices to administrate. *Any data charge calculation is based on the actual used data (minus free volume if applicable).


Purchase of (an additional) data volume (Router | Baltos: 1GB / 2.99 €).

viaVPN Software-Daemon – VScom Baltos

On purchase of a Baltos device – a ONE time service fee (#6841) of 55.00 € / device is due, if viaVPN usage is intended.
Note: viaVPN Software-Daemon implemention is based on Debian | OpenWRT. *Client has to build own image file.

viaVPN certified Hardware – NetCOM | NetCAN

All viaVPN certified hardware is designed for optional viaVPN cloud services!
A ONE time viaVPN activation (#6679) option can be purchased for 55.00 €. Delivery by email as a ZIP-attachment (containing certificate & authentication key files) needed for self activation and integration into the secure device network. Connection with an unlimited* number of devices - transfer speeds are limited by default to 10 Mbit/s per connection (customizable). * Device limits depend on physical bandwidth for reliable transfer speeds.

Secure Machine to Machine (M2M) communication through cloud-based Hub function.

** Costs incurred are based on actual data transfer usage (see volume rates above). *Note: In this scenario the data usage is rel. higher, since M2M communication is continuously and device number / setup dependend.