viaVPN - Cloud Based Remote Service Platform

viaVPN is a secure cloud-based solution. Durable hardware combined with stable server software paired with a friendly client utility enables you to talk remotely to machines and equipment located globally at customer sites. Using advanced security, high speed - allows for highly efficient management at low cost. Empowering you to help clients to decrease maintenance costs caused by faulty machine operation and undesired halts of the production line. This solution will significantly boost customer satisfaction by handing them - the key - to ensure availability and in turn their machines are up and running.

viaVPN's reliable hardware, sophisticated cloud software combined with an intuitive web-based management interface enables you to deliver a complete after-sales service supporting Remote Management, Remote Diagnostics, Remote Troubleshooting & Remote Maintenance.

The Web-based user interface makes the service management easy: No need to hire a team of IT professionals to install, deploy, maintain, and perform upgrades. Even non-technical users can process and manage the viaVPN solution with just few mouse-clicks which lets you build up your cloud-based support without incurring elevated costs or long waiting times.

* Value-added Real Time Assistance


Remote Management

By administrative login into viaVPN Rendezvous-Server you can check / control all remote machinery through viaVPN software, providing clients, -assistance and -solutions almost in real-time. All machines, their functionality, connection history and traffic consumption are just at your fingertips.

Remote Diagnostic

After secure connection with the machine located at your customer’s site was established, your local technical staff can use their software tools to analyze and diagnose the machines state without being physically present at machinery location. Saving time and costs everytime.

Remote Calibration & Troubleshooting

Once a secure remote connection is established your local technical staff can virtually perform service tasks e.g. calibration & troubleshooting. Or determine and evaluate the status of the remote machine at the facilities location. Support services with high efficiency at low cost.

Remote Maintenance

Technical staff also can run dedicated software scripts for checking their global distributed machineries over the remote connection on a regular basis to maintain them at full functionally for your customers.


Before delivery, we can customize your viaVPN Router based on our Configuration Request Form for

the future machine's location. All you need to do is to configure the Internet connection, then viaVPN

will be working automatically.

It is so convenient.

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