viaVPN-Cloud Server

consists of a network of Cloud-servers spread across the globe providing a highly secure, fast and reliable solution to remotely join machines located anywhere. viaVPN-Cloud is web-client based, so users can simply employ any type of computer devices including mobile tablets and smart phones to access the cloud using their preferred webbrowser - in minutes.

Secure & Reliable Industrial IoT Platform

All relevant network security standards are fully implemented into the viaVPN-Cloud. This includes authentication, authorization and encryption using SSL-tunnels to achieve high integrity and confidentiality. Some main servers in the platform are dubbed by a second server, continuously synchronizing itself with the main server, offering a fast and reliable fail-over solution for an unexpected failure of the main server. Leading to high availability and high reliability of the platform.

Non-Stop Service

The redundant cloud architecture of viaVPN-Servers targets to offer 365 day and a 24/7 service. Guaranteed services times are defined in Term & Conditions.

Web-based Device Management

Secure HTTPS login to viaVPN-Cloud requests user & password credentials to allow device management and to unveil reports about users and device activities. Devices, i.e. Routers, can be remotely edited, newly configured, updated with new firmware or rebooted. Tools to transfer identical router configurations are also available to ease multiple setups. Users can be hierarchically structured in groups with different rights for accessing devices to flexibly reflect the organization of the servicing company.

Detailed activity reports about user and online connections are automatically generated, showing IP-address, name, connect & disconnect date & time as well as the current used transfer volume. Reports deliver complete data sets for auditing and traceability purposes.

Supports All Communication Technologies

viaVPN-Cloud supports all available communication technologies including LAN, Wifi, 3G/4G . Users might make their most convenient choice, free using mobile devices when underway. 

Worldwide Access

viaVPN-Cloud has a growing network of Rendezvous servers for data transfers in different countries helping to increase the data throughput and lower the connection latency.

Routers can be assigned to a Rendezvous server based on user location or on geo-IP of the router. 


viaVPN helps you accomplish your after-sales

service and support tasks by quickly delivering

trusted remote technical service to your customers