A series of services has been implemented in the router software offering

additional functionality


Virtual CAN-Bus

Remotely control CAN-Bus

viaVPN Router software supports remote access to any device connected to the CAN-Bus interface of the VPN PRO router using secure VPN connections. CAN-Bus devices can be controlled either in TCP-raw mode using IP address and port number or in so called Driver mode, which uses a propietary protocol and makes the network fully transparent for the user’s application. User applications use VSCAN API library compatible with industry standards, such as CANopen and Bosch BusMaster for debugging.


using RFC2217 protocol

Create, configure and use virtual COM ports

viaVPN Router software supports creating virtual COM ports using the serial port interfaces of the router. The virtual COM ports have same functionality and configuration options as the real serial ports. RFC2217 communication protocol is an industry standard for Win & Linux OS. With the virtual serial ports user can remotely access any device or PLC with a serial interface.



Virtual GPIO interface controlled via ModBus

viaVPN-Router software implemented remote control of the user available GPIOs signals – also called digital inputs/outputs – over industry standard ModBus TCP protocol. Level changes at the digital inputs generate interrupts, which are feedback to PC as classified events allowing to remotely sense alarms or special machinery conditions.



Video imaging of on-site scene with UVC-cameras

viaVPN-Routers support video imaging of the machine on-site scene to visualize the behavior of the connected device and its nearby environment to better feedback the support personnel during the remote servicing or for surveiling purposes. UVC cameras have an easy to use web browser interface.

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